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Dear BlogStrat friends and visitors,

The Strategy and Society – Chair of Management is an academic chair whose mission is to contribute to knowledge enhancement in the field of international strategic management. There are several research topics being studied by our Chair researchers. In this section (BlogStrat), we would like to focus on the following four major themes:

  1. Strategic management of institutions in unstable situations (the case of countries/situations where institutions are experiencing rapid change);
  2. Governance of organizations in complex situations (major decisions or extremely complex organization or challenging political interface);
  3. Social performance of organizations (social responsibility, relationships with stakeholders, philanthropy, misconduct);
  4. Management in the public sector.

You can share ideas and discuss each of these themes. Our researchers will also contribute occasionally. To begin the discussions, we have posted some opening texts. Some are in French, others are in English. There is no obligation to read the posts or to comment on them. Feel free to propose your own topic, while remaining within the confines of the proposed themes. You may express yourself in either French or English. Hope you enjoy the discussions. We look forward to interacting with you.

Taïeb Hafsi

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