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Taïeb Hafsi


Department of Management


  • Emotions and strategic management
  • Corporate strategy
  • Management of complex organizations
  • Management of state enterprises and divestment by the state
  • Management and economic development
  • Organization and change
  • Corporation and governance
  • Strategic behavior and corporate social responsibility


  • (Weather), École nationale de la météorologie, Paris
  • (Chemical Engineering), Institut algérien du pétrole, Algiers
  • MSc (Management), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • DBA (Business Policy), Harvard Business School

Taïeb Hafsi was born in Saïda, Algeria. He is a Full Professor and holder of the Strategy and Society – Chair of Management at HEC Montréal.

Before embarking upon his academic career, Taiëb Hafsi was a chemical engineer. It was in this capacity that he managed the refining and petrochemicals segment at Sonatrach, a large oil company in Algeria. Prior to joining HEC Montréal in 1984, he was professor at the McGill University Faculty of Management and at the International Business School (ESSEC) in Paris. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering, from the Institut algérien du pétrole, an MSc in Management from the Sloan School at MIT, as well as a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

His research focuses on the strategic management of complex organizations, such as diversified and geographically dispersed companies, non-profit organizations, state-owned enterprises and governments. His current interests deal with the effects of institutions on the strategic behavior of organizations, governance, firms’ social behavior, and the effects of emotions on strategic management.

Over the past 25 years, Taïeb Hafsi has conducted important research on divestment from the public and private sectors, organizational responses to globalization of markets, strategic change, the issue of competitiveness and of national strategy, innovation, governance in complex situations, governance and corporate social behavior, strategy and institutions, the role of entrepreneurs in economic and social development, and finally, on emotions and strategic change. These issues are a leitmotiv in his work.

His research has generally been funded by HEC Montréal, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC), the Centre facilitating research and innovation in organizations with information and communication technology (CEFRIO), the Canadian Centre for Management Development and by public or private firms.
His research has generally been funded by HEC Montréal, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC), the Centre facilitating research and innovation in organizations with information and communication technology (CEFRIO), the Canadian Centre for Management Development and by public or private firms.

He has authored numerous articles in a significant number of academic or professional journals such as: Administrative Science Quarterly, Management International Review, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, Long Range Planning, Interfaces, Revue française de gestion, Gestion, Harvard l’Expansion, Politiques & management public, Revue française d’administration publique, Management Decision, Asia-Pacific Journal of Management, Business and Society, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Management & Organization and Journal of Change Management.

He has also written 41 books and monographs and contributed to many others, most notably:

  • Strategic issues in state-controlled enterprises, JAI Press, Greenwich, Connecticut, 1989
  • Le changement radical dans les organisations complexes, Gaétan Morin, Boucherville, Canada, 1989 (with C. Demers)
  • La stratégie nationale de Taïwan de 1895 à 1990, Cétai, Montréal, 1993 (with M.D. Diabé)
  • Comprendre et mesurer la capacité de changement, Éditions Transcontinental, Montréal, 1997 (with C. Demers) [1998 Coopers-Lybrand Business Book Prize]
  • Les fondements du changement stratégique, Éditions Transcontinental, Montréal, 1997 (with Bruno Fabi)
  • La stratégie des organisations: une synthèse, 2ème Edition, Éditions Transcontinental, Montréal, 2000 (with F. Séguin and J-M. Toulouse) [2001 François-Albert Angers Award]
  • La stratégie des organisations: de l’analyse à l’action, Éditions Transcontinental, Montréal, 2009 (with F. Séguin and C. Demers) [2009 Best Business Book Award];
  • Société d’État? Pourquoi pas? Les secrets de la réussite d’Hydro-Québec, Presses de l’Université du Québec, 2010 (with Roger Lanoue)
  • Issad Rebrab: Voir grand, commencer petit et aller vite, Casbah Editions, Algiers, 2012
  • Sonatrach: l’ère des pionniers, Casbah Editions, Algiers, 2014 (with N. Atchi)
  • Jean-Paul Bailly: Réconcilier société et entreprise, Éditions EMS, Paris (and Presses internationales Polytechnique, Montréal), 2014 (with A. Fadil)
  • Amor Benamor: une réussite algérienne, Casbah Editions, Algiers, 2017 (with Omar Hemissi); also published in Arab and translated into English.
  • Les Hasnaoui: une entreprise citoyenne, Casbah Editions, Algiers, 2017 (with Naïma Cherchem)
  • La solidarité en crise : Centraide et la nouvelle philanthropie, Montréal : JFD. 2018

Taïeb Hafsi is the founder of the International Management Journal and was its director until 2004. He is a founding member of the Strategic Management Society and a member of the advisory board of the World Association of Case Research and Application (WACRA). He is also a member of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) and the Association internationale du management stratégique (AIMS). He frequently takes part in academic symposiums and conferences, and has organized several of them, most notably those of the Strategic Management Society, the AIMS and the WACRA.

He is a Fellow of the Economic Research Forum (ERF), the largest economic think tank of the Middle-East, based in Cairo. He sits on numerous Boards of Directors of small high technology businesses in Canada and abroad. He was until June 2018 a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of Centraide, the largest public foundation in Quebec. On numerous occasions, he has played a consultative role in complex companies, such as philanthropic organizations, diversified companies and state-owned enterprises in Canada and the United States, as well as in governments in Canada and in a number of developing countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle-East.

Awards and Distinctions

Throughout his career, Taïeb Hafsi has received numerous awards and distinctions namely:

  • 1989 Pierre-Laurin Award for excellence in research;
  • 2000 Grand Prize for excellence in teaching;
  • 1998 Coopers-Lybrand Best Business Book Prize (with Christiane Demers);
  • 2001 Best Educational Business Book Award (with Jean-Marie Toulouse and Francine Séguin);
  • 1990 and 2004 Award for the best paper published in the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences (with Imad-Eddine Hatimi);
  • Honorary speaker at the 2006 conference of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada in Lake Louise, Alberta;
  • 2007-2008 Award for the best paper published in the Public Administration Review (with Luc Bernier);
  • 2009 Best Quebec Business Book Award (with Francine Séguin and Christiane Demers).