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The Strategy and Society – Chair of Management is an academic chair devoted to the advancement of knowledge in international strategic management with a focus on important societal issues. It also works to disseminate this knowledge in all the key discussion forums, including those of management students and businesses confronted with international contexts. The Chair’s mission is to contribute to the development of a responsible, creative and productive strategic management.
Its vision is to promote strategic management that is proactive, with a desire to create the improbable, while remaining moderate and connected to society, concerned with finding a balance between local and global preoccupations, as well as between community values (hot) and technological and economic imperatives (cold).
Through a better understanding of organizational strategic management problems, the Chair hopes to mitigate the impacts these problems have on modern societies, both in Canada and abroad. The Chair also firmly believes that intellectual creativity can bring about the fair and peaceful reconciliation of group and individual interests, even in the most complex situations. Finally, the Chair applies its principles of justice, morality and professional ethics to its own management and product creation.
The aim of the Chair is to enhance knowledge that leads to more creative strategic management in complex situations. It focuses more specifically on strategic management in complex and demanding environments that are turbulent or unstable, culturally or ideologically charged, or heterogeneous, rich and intellectually challenging. The Chair also assists in the training of researchers and in the improvement of competitiveness and strategy management of Quebec and Canadian companies in particular.
The Chair generates a variety of product types. First, it conducts research and contributes to knowledge through the publication of research findings, whether it be in the form of research papers made available to the international community, or articles in academic and professional journals, or books and monographs.

Next, it organizes seminars and conferences related to its research themes. Furthermore, in collaboration with departments, centers, research groups and other HEC Montréal Chairs or associate universities, it assists in the training of researchers, as well as administrators at the local and international levels. Finally, it occasionally contributes to applied research work in collaboration with consulting firms. These initiatives aim to assist businesses dealing with complex activities or environments. The Chair is interested in strategic management throughout the world, and most particularly, in areas which demonstrate an interest in Quebec and Canadian organizations.

The Chair is funded, on the one hand, by a regular endowment from HEC Montréal through the HEC Montréal Foundation, and on the other, by systematic funding requests to traditional funding organizations and companies, to support particular research projects. Fundraising is done solely to reach those objectives which are in accordance with the Chair’s mission and values. The Chairholder is advised by a steering committee composed of business leaders and academics.