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The following major themes best summarize the Chair’s main areas of interest:

  • Strategic management in complex situations
  • Strategic management in developing countries
  • Strategic management in the public and third sectors
  • Institutional theory of organizations
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in constrained environments
  • Strategic management and global local relations
  • Management of non-market and/or non-profit organizations
  • Governance, companies and nations
  • Strategic change
  • Management at the political interface
  • Corporate social behavior
  • Emotions and strategic management

Our long experience in research has allowed us to cover a wide range of research questions in strategic management. However, all the themes which have been touched upon until now have dealt with strategic management in complex situations. Thus, institutional theory has helped us better understand situations in which laws, norms and socio-cognitive behaviors blur relations of cause and effect.

  • The most interesting aspect of entrepreneurship is its capacity to generate voluntarist innovative actions that solve organizational problems in complex situations.
  • Governance is put to the test when relations of cause and effect become unclear.
  • Change is particularly troublesome when people experience conflicts of emotion, feeling and reason in situations they do not fully understand.
  • The interface with politics exacerbates the complexity.
  • Corporate social behavior is critical; we need to understand how to improve the relationship between companies and society.

Thus, all these issues are of interest to us because they challenge the understanding of corporate leaders and arouse their desire to collaborate with the scientific community in order to find and develop new solutions for practice. Managers and executives invent new practices and academics transform these into transferable knowledge.

All our areas of interest are, therefore, oriented towards understanding strategic management in complex situations. This powerful link between our studies has also allowed us to combine them over time to enhance our understanding of the world and provide tools for corporate leaders in complex systems.

Through its research, the Chair hopes to make a contribution towards improving our world and our way of living.