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The Chair takes part in a series of research projects through various stages of development:

This project investigates major managerial achievements in the public sector, with a primary focus on the role played by public sector entrepreneurs and leaders. Its secondary focus is on collective entrepreneurs and ʺlegislativeʺ entrepreneurs. In sum, this project aims to better understand how a complex system, such as the State, can be managed. Four studies are currently being conducted under this project:

  • A study of innovation patterns in the US and Canadian public sectors (study of large sample sizes and case studies)
  • Leadership and transformation of the public sector: the case of Jean-Paul Bailly, President of La Poste in France
  • The builders of the public sector in Algeria: the case of Mazouni and the Arzew Group
  • The builders of the insurance sector in Algeria: the cases of Amara Latrous and Hassan Khelifati

This project explores both traditional relationships, such as those between the nature of the Board of Directors and the performance of the company, and the problematic methodological issues in these studies. Governance of complex systems is investigated in this project as well as in the project which deals with institutions and the management of complex systems. The studies in progress are as follows:

  • Diversity and performance within the Board of Directors:
    • The role of gender diversity
    • The role of ethnic diversity
    • The role of socio-demographic diversity
  • Diversity of the Board and the administrators: measurement and research problems
  • Governance and complex systems

This project looks at the institution as a social construct and examines its effects on strategic management of large systems. An important part of this project deals with the management of public sector systems and, more specifically, that of organizations at the political interface. The following studies are underway:

  • Institutions, organizational problems in the economic development of nations
  • Strategic management of state-owned enterprises (e.g. the Société de transport de Montréal)
  • Governance of state-owned enterprises: a social construct (e.g. Hydro-Québec)
  • Management at the political interface (e.g. the case of La Poste and Jean-Paul Bailly)
  • Management in situations of institutional turmoil: the case of developing countries:
    • State-Enterprise relations in China
    • Crisis management: the UPCE confronted with the major earthquake in 2008
    • Strategic management of state-owned companies in Algeria
    • Electricity-producing companies throughout the world
  • Oil companies throughout the world
  • The strategy adopted by nations (approximately 20 monographs have been developed to this day)

Over the past 15 years, this project has studied the challenges in strategic management faced by non-profit organizations. It began with a detailed study of the strategy adopted by Centraide of Greater Montreal and has already resulted in the production of two doctoral theses. Several projects are in progress and they include, more specifically, the following studies:

  • Centraide of Greater Montreal
  • Development banks (e.g. AfDB)
  • Performance of NPOs
  • Management of philanthropic foundations (e.g. the Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon)
  • A study conducted by medical and professional associations

This project examines the theories and practices pertaining to corporate social and philanthropic behavior. Studies currently underway include:

  • Philanthropy and performance of small businesses during major disasters: the case of Sichuan
  • Determining factors of the amounts and timing of philanthropic donations
  • Governance and corporate social behavior

This project focuses on entrepreneurs in emerging countries, particularly those of the Maghreb, who not only have an outstanding economic performance, but also contribute to building their communities. Of the studies in progress, we can mention:

  • Cevital and its executives
  • The Benamor Group and its executives
  • The Hasnaoui Group and its executives
  • The Chiali Group and its executives
  • Some twenty case writings are in progress in Algeria
  • A similar study with case writing is in progress in the following countries: Tunisia, Malaysia and Mexico

This is one of the Chair’s first projects. It has already resulted in the publication of three books on change. We are presently interested in those particular situations of change which lead to a more current and in-depth understanding of the challenges of strategic change. Among the studies underway, the following are noteworthy:

  • The transformation of the French public system: the Jean-Paul Bailly case
  • Revitalization of the STM and Yves Devin
  • Integration at Radio-Canada by Sylvain Lafrance
  • French hospitals in transformation: between regulation and management

There are numerous other studies in progress, which are not included in the above groups. Here are a few examples:

  • Strategic management and emotions
  • Non-market strategies
  • Teaching methodology and learning
  • Misconduct of Boards of Directors
  • The internationalization of SMEs
  • Non-dominant strategies or how to confront giants
  • Forgetting and management
  • Strategy, governance and performance